Grow Great Tasting Tomatoes at Home

You can grow tomatoes in the open ground or in containers. I've grown them quite successfully in polystyrene fruit containers that get thrown away at the market, but in containers you must ensure that you water them heavily and daily.  For growing in containers we would suggest using Debco’s Organic Mix, PotMate Vegetable & Herb Mix or Green Wizard Vegetable & Herb Mix.


Debco Organic MixPrepare your garden bed or containers and plant your tomatoes about 600 - 750mm apart. The non-staking varieties like Egg Tomatoes will need more space, say 800 - 1000mm, and grafted tomatoes may be best grown in a sunny location against a fence where they can really spread.Debco Tomato Plant Food


In heavier soils, where there is a reasonable residual nutrient supply, tomatoes should not need fertilising until they produce the first flower buds, but on sandy soils it would be advisable to apply a general fertiliser and cultivate it in prior to planting.


As your tomatoes grow, apply Debco Tomato Food dissolved in water every four weeks. Keep your tomatoes well watered, but avoid watering over the foliage. Make sure that you areGreen Wizard Vegetable Mix getting good water take up - apply SaturAid if required.


Plants in containers will require similar attention though they may require supplementary watering, even twice daily in really warm weather.


Most tomatoes need staking. A 2-metre stake placed 50-100mms from the plant is adequate. I like to put this in when the plant is small to avoid causing root damage. You should tie the tomato loosely to the stake to permit good growth and expansion.


For contPotMate Vegetable & Herbainer growth it is a good idea to use some of the smaller growing varieties, notably the cherry tomatoes which are superb for adding to salads. Their sweet, juicy, bite-sized fruit not only taste good, they are highly decorative.


Few vegetables are as welcome as a good tomato straight from the vine. They're quite simple to grow and just a few plants will provide you with an ample supply.