Mulch and Water Saving

SaturAid Water Saving Products


Water problems often begin at the soil surface. Water run-off is a sure sign of hydrophobia, a condition that retards water penetration to the root zone. SaturAid is a wetting agent that helps water penetrate to the root zone, where the plant needs water and nutrients most.It overcomes the common problems of water run-off, dry spots and uneven wetting of potting mixes and soil.

SaturAid Granular Soil Wetter

SaturAid Granular Soil Wetter

SaturAid Granular Soil Wetter makes water soak deep down to the root zone of garden beds, pots and lawns for stronger, deeper root systems and healthier plants and lawns.
SaturAid works immediately so watering, rainfall and liquid feeding are more effective, even in hard-to-wet sandy, clay or compacted soils and potting mixes.
SaturAid has a sustained, slow release wetting agent for continued results, and is the choice of leading professional growers.

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