Prune a Ground-Cover Rose


Ground-cover roses have become very popular in recent years. They provide effective cover and are especially useful on steep slopes where access for maintenance is difficult. They are incredibly disease-free and drought-tolerant and their flowering season extends well into winter. No wonder they sell so widely.


Pruning established plants is desirable though not vital since the plants continue to grow and flower in most circumstances. For best results they need to be cut hard back close to the ground, say 150mm, from where they grow with great vigour.


For those who wish, this can be an annual event, but for those growing these roses on sites where access is difficult a biennial or even triennial prune will suffice. Forget the use of secateurs. This is not a delicate job. Long-handled shears work best, allowing easier access into the heart of these vigorous plants.


After cutting them back, take the opportunity to remove any weed growth and to mulch the surrounding soil. Apply Debco Plant Food as a surface dressing.


Re-apply every six months.Debco Plant Food