Debco Propagation Mix

Available In
30 L & 10 L

Debco Propagation Mix

Debco Propagation Mix has been formulated based on the requirements of professional nursery growers, to provide a firm, well structured mixture ideally suited for the propagation of cuttings.

Debco Propagation Mix contains a balancedmixture of ingredients designed and tested to give excellent moisture retention, whilst allowing adequate aeration and good drainage.


  • Horticultural Sand & Grit For Moisture Retention
  • Ideal Ratio Between Aeration & Drainage
  • Trace Elements & Growth Stimulants

Taking Cuttings for Propagation
Debco Propagation Mix is ready to use straight from the bag with no further additives required. Close bag tightly after use.

  1. Fill the seedling tray, pots or cell tray with Debco Propagation Mix. Firm the mix into the tray or pots. Water thoroughly andallow to drain.
  2. Prepare the plant material by cutting the stems into 5 –8cm long lengths, removing the leaves off the lower two thirds of thestem. For plant material with large leaves, trim the remaining leaves by cutting off the top half of the leaf. Use a rooting hormone on the base of the cutting stem.
  3. Place prepared cutting into the filled tray or pot, by making a hole in the mix with a pencil, insert at least 2cm of the steminto the mix and firm gently.
  4. Once all the cuttings have been inserted into the tray or pot, water well, cover with a plastic bag and place in a sheltered location or green house. Remember to keep the propagation mix moist but do not over water. This can be maintained by spraying the cuttings with a spray bottle.
  5. Once the cuttings have established roots to about 2 –3cm long, transfer into a 3cm pot using a premium quality potting mix.
  6. Allow plants to establish in the small pots then plant into either larger pots or the garden.