Debco 8-18mm Grade Orchid Superior Potting Media

Debco 8-18mm Grade Orchid Superior Potting Media

Large grade composted pine bark providing superior drainage. Specially formulated to meet the growing requirements of large Cymbidiums, Cattleyasand all larger growing Epiphytic Orchids. Ideal for 6 inch or greater pots, this superior potting media has been designed through careful consideration of the conditions required to grow the broadest range of Orchids
Debco Orchid Superior Potting Media has been developed from years of experience in the production of mixes for professional nursery growers who specialise in the production of Orchids sold through nurseries.


  • 8–18 mm grade composted pine bark
  • Ideal ratio between aeration and drainage
  • Trace Elements & Growth Stimulants

Preparation for potting
When cutting the roots or dividing plants it is essential that you sterilise your cutting tools to prevent the transfer of disease from one plant to another.


  1. Usually a large plant requires dividing into two or more plants.
  2. Remove the old plant from the original pot, and remove old potting mix.
  3. Divide the plant into no less than 3 bulb pieces per plant, with at least one back bulb.
  4. Root pruning can be reasonably severe, as this will not harm the plant.
  5. Remove old bulbs with no leaves and any dead roots.
  6. Select a new pot that will comfortably accommodate the roots, but not have excessive space around the root system.
  7. Place the plant into the pot ensuring the bulb is level with the top of the pot.
  8. Place new mixture around the root system whilst holding the plant, and by gently tapping the top work the mix in and around the entire root system. Fill the pot to the top rim of the pot.
  9. Water in thoroughly and place in a cool well ventilated location.