Debco PotMate Premium Garden Mulch

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60 L

Debco PotMate Premium Garden Mulch

Debco PotMate Premium Garden Mulch is manufactured to the highest standards from high quality materials to provide the home gardener with a reliable and easy to use mulch.

Mulching Benefits

  • Saves Water
  • Reduces Weeds
  • Adds Organic Matter
  • Protects Soil
  • Reduces the exposure of the soil to sun and wind, reducing moisture loss from the soil surface.
  • Improves water penetration into the soil through the action of the included Wetting Agent.
  • Preventing the germination of weed seeds, thus reducing garden maintenance.
  • Improves soil condition through the introduction of organic matter.
  • Protects the soil from wind, irrigation and rain erosion.

This long lasting and decorative mulch will provide many seasons of mulching of your garden.


  1. Turn over the soil to break up the surface and remove any weeds or other debris which will compete for nutrient and water.
  2. Water garden well before application.
  3. Apply the mulch layer evenly over the garden to a depth of approximately 8 cm (3 inches), taking care not to mulch too closely around the stems and trunks of plants.
  4. Water again to settle the mulch.


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