Debco Classic Black Designer Mulch


Debco Classic Black Designer Mulch is manufactured to the highest standards from high quality materials to provide the home gardener with a reliable and easy to use decorative mulch. This mulch is long lasting and will provide both a decorative finish to your landscape garden as well as the beneficial results of applying mulch.

Mulching Benefits:

* Classic Black mulch adds a decorative element to all garden types.
* Improves water penetration and reduces evaporation. Mulch also prevents water run-off and soil erosion.
* Reduces the exposure of the soil to sun and frost, protecting the plant from extreme changes in soil temperature.

Debco Classic Black Mulch is ready to use straight from the bag with no further additives required.
Apply mulch to the soil surface to a depth of 4cm to 8cm in landscape gardens or 2cm to 4cm in pots. This is the ideal depth to allow the following:
• Maximum water penetration
• Minimum evaporation & buffer soil temperature against heat or frost
• Weed suppression
• Erosion control