Debco Organic Compost

Available In
30 L

Debco Organic Compost

Perfect for building soil condition in organic garden beds when growing vegetables, herbs, fruit Dig-in and salad greens.


  • 100% NASAA certification
  • Composed of natural organic ingredients
  • Boosted with organic fertiliser (Biological Farmers Australia Certification)
  • Essential trace elements ensure strong, healthy growth without nutrient deficiencies

Debco Organic Compost is a NASAA certified premium input for organic gardens.
Using Debco Organic Compost will provide essential nutrients, trace elements and minerals in a safe and readily available form for healthy plant growth.
Debco Organic Compost encourages beneficial micro-organisms and earthworms for long term soil health. It also increases soil water retention and improves the physical structure of both sandy and clay soils.
Debco Organic Compost has been specially blended to give home gardeners the ability to grow a wide range of
organic vegetables, herbs, salad greens and strawberries.