Debco Premium Potting Mix

Available In
25 L & 50 L

Debco Premium Potting Mix

Has been developed from years of experience in the production of potting mixes for professional nursery growers who specialise in the production of quality plants sold through garden centres. The formulation has been developed to provide excellent growth of both indoor and outdoor plants including ferns, flowering and foliage plants, trees and shrubs, annuals and perennials.



    Premium quality mix suitable for most indoor and outdoor plant varieties.
  • Controlled release fertiliser- distributes nutrients as plants need it.
  • Seaweed fertiliser-promotes biological activity in the soil.
  • Wetting agent-ensures nutrients get to the root zone.
  • Trace elements micro-nutrients-vital to plant growth.


Debco Premium Potting Mix is ready to use straight from the bag with no further additives required.
• Select a clean pot at least 25mm wider than the original and partly fill with potting mix.
• Turn the plant out of its container. Loosen root ball gently and remove any rotten or entirely dried out roots.
• Position the plants in the pot and fill with new potting mix. Do not pack down.
• Soak with water and protect plant from wind, heat and strong sunlight for around 5 days.

• A quality 6 month balanced fertiliser was added at manufacture but additional fertiliser may be required in time, depending on plant needs.
• Plants should be watered immediately after potting and frequently enough to ensure the mix remains moist but not wet. Avoid allowing plants to dry out.
• Plants should be re-potted with new potting mix when they outgrow the pot or after 12-18 months.