Debco Garden Mix

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25 L

Debco Premium Garden Mix

Is manufactured from the highest quality composted ingredients with added nutrients to promote strong, healthy plant growth. Debco Garden Mix is ideal for constructing new landscape garden beds or improving soil condition in existing gardens. Rich humus will increase the organic matter in sandy soils and will assist in breaking down clay in heavy soils. Suitable for all plant types including annuals, trees, shrubs and phosphorus sensitive plants such as natives.


    Premium planting mix for revitalising or building landscape garden beds.
  • Suitable for natives.
  • Controlled release fertiliser-distributes nutrients as plants need it.
  • Seaweed fertiliser-promotes biological activity in the soil.
  • Wetting agent- ensures nutrients get to the root zone.
  • Trace elements micro-nutrients -vital to plant growth.


Debco Premium Garden Mix is ready to use straight from the bag with no further additives required.
• Prepare area by removing any weeds or grass.
• Create new garden beds by using straight from the bag. Apply at a depth to suit the requirements of the range of chosen plants.
• Condition poor soil by applying a 5cm layer on top and blending through existing garden.
• Follow instructions on plant label for depth and location requirements.
• Apply a layer of mulch (avoiding plant stem) to maintain moisture and soil temperature.


• A quality 6 month balanced fertiliser was added at manufacture but additional fertiliser may be required in time, depending on plant needs.
• Plants should be watered immediately after planting and frequently enough to ensure the mix remains moist but not wet. Avoid allowing plants to dry out.
• For best results top the soil every time you plant.