About Debco

Debco Production Facilities in Tyabb, VIC

Starting in Tyabb, just outside Melbourne, Debco began trading more than thirty years ago as a producer and marketer of organic manures.In the early 1980’s Debco moved into supplying potting mixes to production nurseries and quickly gained a reputation as the premium  quality supplier to this market.A natural extension for Debco was to take the same quality potting mixes and make them available to consumers in bags through Retail nurseries and Hardwre stores.Because of the quality of the ingredients, Debco established itself as the premium brand in Retail potting mix and associated products.

Australian owned, Debco has expanded from its small base to be a market leader nationally in developing premium garden products with key sites in Tyabb(VIC) and Berkshire Park(NSW) as well as having manufacturing facilities in Queensland and Western Australia.
Utilising the best in manufacturing technology, Debco holds significant market share in the nutrition, growing media and water management product categories within the garden industry.

Debco’s products are now exported to a number of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom,Singapore, New Zealand and Japan.

Debco also own and distribute the brands SaturAid, PotMate, GreenWizard, and the latest addition launched in 2009 is the organic brand Naked Farmer.

Debco supply a large proportion of the major production nurseries in Victoria & New South Wales. Production nurseries have very specific requirements for their potting media as it is formulated to grow a particular species of plant in the most time & resource efficient manner.

Debco provides hundreds of individual potting media combinations to its customer base on a daily basis. Our state of the art computerised media batching system links to ourorder entry software allowing Debco toquickly and efficiently supply custom designedcommercial quality potting media. Debco is renowned for its ability to customise specialty potting media that allows for optimum performance for every crop type.

In 1989, Debco was the first to achieve the Australian Standard in the industry.

Australian Standards – products approved through SAI Global.
Organic Certification – organic products approved through NASAA.
Every Mix is chemically and physically measured weekly against SAI Global standards benchmark. This ensures the mixes meet the high quality standards set by Debco & exceed the required SAI standards.

Debco is also proud to be accredited with the following:
NGIV Accredited – Nursery & Garden Industry of Victoria Growing Media Supplier accreditation since 1997.
National Packaging Covenant - Packaging produced to minimise the impact on the environment.
Smart Approved Watermark – SaturAid wetting agent has been approved to reduce watering by up to 50%.

Rigorous Internal Testing – Growing Trials
All products are tested & trialed prior to offering it to the market ensuring consumers will achieve the extraordinary results required.
Products are tested & benchmarked against competitor product in a greenhouse located on site