Garden Preparation

Mulch Your Garden and Save Water

As the temperature rises, water loss from the soil surface and from the foliage of many plants increases. Most of south-eastern Australia's seasonal rainfall will have fallen by now so it's important to prevent evaporative water loss from the soil surface.


Design and Create Pattern Paving

Patterned paving has long been popular in gardens. The Romans admired it greatly, extending the feel of their mosaics into outdoor areas. You can use pebbles in small courtyards to create colour and interest, even when there are few flowers on display.


Create a 'No-Dig' Vegetable Garden

For many people, digging a garden is a chore. Difficult and time-consuming, it can be enough to put you off gardening for life! For such gardeners, a 'no-dig' garden may be the answer. It's so easy and offers the reward of healthy and tasty home-grown vegetables.


Birdscape My Garden

Increasing urbanisation is resulting in the loss of habitat for many of our familiar and favourite native birds. Every garden owner can do their bit to encourage wildlife, especially birds. What's more, your garden need be no less beautiful and you have the added joy of watching birds as they live out their lives in your garden.

Lay a Good Turf Lawn

Turf lawns provide quicker results than seeded lawns. They're especially valuable for slopes, or to quickly create a play area for your children. Turf lawns take about two weeks to establish their growth.

Design an Attractive Herb Garden

Herb gardens have special appeal. Maybe it's the historic associations of herbs; maybe it's their colour, perfume and mythology. Herbs have culinary, perfume and medicinal applications… some are even said to be aphrodisiacs, so an herb garden should be an essential part of every garden!

Create Beautiful Containers of Plants

For maximum summer colour in your garden it's a great idea to grow plants in containers. These can be moved from place to place around the garden as you need them, decorating the front door one day, the patio the next and around the pool later on.


Coppice my Shrubs and Trees

Coppicing is an old technique of cutting plants hard back, almost to ground level, to encourage vigorous new growth. Historically, hazels were coppiced and resultant stems harvested at different ages to meet different needs, for example fencing, hop posts, building materials or firewood.


Renovate an Old Lawn

If lawn is a significant part of your garden, then caring for it is an important part of garden maintenance. A well-tended lawn sets off the rest of a garden and offers the perfect foil for many ornamental plants.

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