Vegetable & Herb

Create a 'No-Dig' Vegetable Garden

For many people, digging a garden is a chore. Difficult and time-consuming, it can be enough to put you off gardening for life! For such gardeners, a 'no-dig' garden may be the answer. It's so easy and offers the reward of healthy and tasty home-grown vegetables.


Grow Great Tasting Tomatoes at Home

You can grow tomatoes in the open ground or in containers. I've grown them quite successfully in polystyrene fruit containers that get thrown away at the market, but in containers you must ensure that you water them heavily and daily.  For growing in containers we would suggest using Debco’s Organic Mix, PotMate Vegetable & Herb Mix or Green Wizard Vegetable & Herb Mix.

Design an Attractive Herb Garden

Herb gardens have special appeal. Maybe it's the historic associations of herbs; maybe it's their colour, perfume and mythology. Herbs have culinary, perfume and medicinal applications… some are even said to be aphrodisiacs, so an herb garden should be an essential part of every garden!

Grow Vegetables in Containers

If your garden is small, you can always grow a selection of vegetables in containers. It's important to select suitable containers - they need not be ornamental, unless the patio is closely observed from the house, but they do need to be practical. They need to have a broad base to offer stability and good drainage holes to ensure that any excess water can be removed. If there are no drainage holes, or perhaps an inadequate number, these should be punched in the base of the container.

Christmas Gifts from my Garden

It can be so much nicer to receive a gift that shows thought and effort by the giver, rather than something that is simply gift-wrapped on payment in a shop. Growing plants in containers is the perfect gift for gardening friends, for those in apartments or with a garden terrace, or, in the case of herbs, for those who like to cook. Such planted containers need not be expensive and can be designed to individual taste. If this idea appeals, now is the time to start, since you will want to give the gift well grown and preferably in flower.

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